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WSC Demands an International Inquiry of the Murder of Indigenous Sindhi People, London, UK.

On 10th June World Sindhi Congress (WSC) in collaboration with Baloch Human Rights Council (UK) and International Voice for Missing Baloch Persons (IVMBP) held a rally against the killing of indigenous Sindhi people.

A large number of Sindhis and Balochs from all over the Britain gathered in front of British Prime Minster’s 10 Downing Street residence in London to protest against the murder of Muzaffar Bhutto, a senior Sindhi leader, by Pakistani agencies and killing of 14 Sindhi and Baloch political activists in Love Sindh rally by ethnic terrorists . The rally was addressed by Dr Hidayat Bhutto Chairman WSC, Samad Baloch Secretary General BHRC-UK, Faiz Baloch of IVFMBP, Dr Rubina Shaikh Vice Chairperson WSC, Ambeen Hisbani of WSC, Abdul Jabar Qureshi Chairman SSUK, Hafeezan Wadhio of ISWO, Imdad Odho renowned Sindhi journalist, Ashfaq Talpur, Dr. Mehmood Soomro and Dr Tayyab Memon.

The rally raised slogans against the murder of Muzaffar Bhutto, Gazala Siddiqi and 13 other participants of peaceful Love Sindh rally in Karachi, against ISI, against ethnic terrorists and MQM.

muz2Speakers condemned the  extrajudicial killing of Sindhi leader Muzafar Bhutto by ISI and target killing of 14 Sindhi and Baloch participants of  peaceful Love Sindh rally in Karachi by ethnic fascists. The speakers applauded the support of the international community and welcomed the Urgent Action issued  by Amnesty international and letter of Amer

ican Congressman Bernard Sherman to US State Secretary Hillary Clinton on the extrajudicial murder of Muzaffar Bhutto. The speakers requested the UN to hold a

n international enquiry into the human right crimes committed by Pakistani state and its proxies against the indigenous Sindhi people. The speakers reiterated that Urdu speaking people are their brothers and asked them to stand with Sindhis in their struggle for their human and democratic rights. The speakers condemned the role of MQM who are conspiring with Pakistani state agencies against Sindh and Sindhi nationalists. The speakers condemned the recent state operation against Sindhi nationalists in which hundreds of Sindhi nationalist workers have been arrested and are being tortured. Baloch speakers Faiz Baloch of IVMBP and Samad Baloch of BHRC showed their solidarity with Sindhi people in their struggle.

At the end of the rally a delegation comprising of Dr Hidayat Bhutto, Samad Baloch, Abdul Jabbar Qureshi,  Professor Shahzavar Baloch,  Dr Rubina Shaikh,  Ambreen Hisbani, Shahzado Wadhio and Dr Lakhu Luhana went to 10 Downing Street to  submit a petition for Rt Honorable David Cameron, the British Prime Minster, requesting for his help to press upon the Pakistan government to stop human rights violations against Sindhi people.