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Legal Notices

World Sindhi Congress® is a Registered Trade Mark (RTM) under the UK Patent Office.

Copyright Notice

The contents of these web pages are copyrighted by The World Sindhi Congress. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce it for non-commercial use as long as it is not modified and the website reference appears with the text. To get permission for any other use, send email to:

Registration Information

The World Sindhi Congress is a registered company with the Companies House in England and Wales.
Company Number: 03842312.
World Sindhi Congress, Inc. is a registered non-profit company with the State of Louisiana.
The incorporation number is 40032259 N.

World Sindhi Congress, is a registered non-profit company in Canada. The incorporation number is 996593-9.

Notice to Media

Only officers mentioned on “Organization” page are the only legal spokespersons for the the World Sindhi Congress or World Sindhi Congress, Inc. The statements issued or representation claimed by any other individual (s) are illegal under the UK, US and Canadian laws.