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  • World Sindhi Congress Presents a Sindhi Music Concert in London

    LONDON, UK – The esteemed World Sindhi Congress is elated to announce a special musical evening celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Sindh. The event will take place on Saturday, October 28, 2023, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus. The concert will feature the melodic voice of Pooja Vazirani, a renowned Sindhi folk singer hailing from India. Attendees will also be treated to the captivating sounds of Nate Torrence, a skilled Sindhi Alghoza player from Chicago, USA. Highlights of the event include: The concert is free and welcomes attendees of all ages, making

  • World Sindhi Congress Announces the 35th International Conference on Sindh

    LONDON, UK – The renowned World Sindhi Congress is set to host the 35th International Conference on Sindh on Saturday, October 28, 2023. The event, to be held at the University of Westminster’s Harrow Campus from 10 AM to 9 PM, promises to be an enlightening exploration of issues pertaining to Sindh and its diaspora. Esteemed speakers from across the globe will share their insights, including: Key discussion topics include: The event is further enhanced with multi-media presentations and a live music concert. Attendees will also be treated to a variety of speeches, alongside lunch and dinner provisions. To learn

  • WSC held 34th International Conference on Sindh on 19th November 2022 in London.

    A large number of Sindhi families from the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Great Britain participated in the conference. International experts said that ‘until the Sindhi people do not own their own country, they will not be able to save themselves from the man-made calamities’ In her speech Dr. Rubina Shaikh, the third-time elected chairperson of the World Sindhi Congress, said that ‘Sindh is going through the worst period in history, Sindhis have to make a joint, systematic and united struggle for the right to self-determination for their homeland’. Afrasiab Khan Khattak, the leader of the Pakhtun Democratic Party,

  • Humanitarian Response to Monsoon Flooding

    اسان انتهائي افسوسناڪ صورتحال مان گذري رهيا آهيون. سنڌ ۾ ٻوڏ جي وڏي تباهڪارينءَ سبب سوين ماڻهو مري ويا، لکين ڍور موت جو کاڄ ٿيا، لکين گهر ڊهي پٽ پئجي ويا، سائي ڀاڄين سميت فصلن جو گهڻو حصو تباهه ٿي ويو. ان باوجود سنڌ جا ماڻهو مضبوط آهن. سول سوسائٽي، فرد ۽ ادارا متاثر ڪندڙ ڪم ڪري رهيا آهن ۽ صبر ۽ استقامت سان ان مشڪل کي منهن ڏئي رهيا آهن. مان پڻ شڪر گذار آهيان ورلڊ سنڌي ڪانگريس جي ميمبرن ۽ سرپرستن جي جن دل کولي، پرڏيهه رهندڙ سنڌين جي تنظيمن جي جن فنڊ گڏ ڪرڻ، سڌو سنئون سنڌ

  • WSC Meets with UN WGEID

    A delegation from the World Sindhi Congress (WSC), joined by the relatives of victims, held a meeting on 10th May with the UN WGEID (Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances) during its 127th Session in Geneva. WSC profoundly thanked the WGEID for their valuable support for the release of Sindhi’s missing persons.Enforced disappearances in Sindh continue with impunity and have increased in recent months as more than 50 Sindhi nationalist workers and human rights defenders have been kidnapped by state agencies. The delegation also spoke on the widespread arrests and registering of terrorism and treason charges against the peaceful

  • Canadian MP Genuis Sponsors Petition Against Blasphemy Laws

    Canadian MP Garnett Genuis has sponsored a Parliamentary Petition against blasphemy laws in Pakistan, forced conversion of Hindu Girls, forced abduction, and the Notan Lal Case. Notan Lal was sentenced to life imprisonment on 7 February 2022 over false blasphemy charges.This action is the result of WSC’s continuous advocacy on behalf of the plight of Hindus in Sindh and other human rights violations. Join MP Genuis in calling for action by signing this petition online. Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada may sign a paper copy of the petition, which will then be sent to the MP’s office. The

  • Dr Rubina Greenwood Elected as Vice-President of UNPO

    World Sindhi Congress (WSC) congratulates the newly elected President, Vice-Presidents, and the Presidency of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) during the General Assembly held in Washington DC on March/April 2022. WSC’s Chairperson, Dr. Rubina Greenwood, was elected as Vice-President along with Elizenda Paluzie of Catalonia. Dr. Edna Adan Ismail, who represents Somaliland, was elected as President. On her election, Dr. Greenwood said, “I want to assure my fellow UNPO members that the World Sindhi Congress and Sindhi Nation will remain your steadfast friend. You will find us willing to share our successes and failures with you in the