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  • Seminar on Sindh 2019 in Washington DC

    Human Rights, Security, and Development in Sindh: Realities for Pakistan’s Southern Province.   Registration is free and required. Please click here to register… Located in the Southeast of Pakistan, Sindh is home to more than 60 million people, a rich cultural heritage, and key natural resources. The province is also one of the poorest and has a contentious history with the government of Pakistan. With the growth of international terrorism, large-scale transnational development projects such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and Pakistan’s problematic human rights record, Sindh sits at a nexus for some of today’s biggest international affairs issues particularly

  • Happy International Womxn’s Day

    Happy International Womxn’s Day from World Sindhi Congress! This week, celebrate the women in your life by: 1️⃣centering their voices in discussions of political and civil rights 2️⃣researching laws and statutes in your area that are unequally enforced against women and writing to your representatives to change them 3️⃣ changing the way you act and speak to de-emphasize gender roles and speak of all people equally 4️⃣ considering the unpaid labor that women do for you (child care, emotional support, homemaking, cooking, life planning) and creating methods to thank them for their work, repay that labor and/or replace that labor

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