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World Sindhi Congress organizes ‘Remembrance Day’ in New York City

New York City, NEW YORK—Community members from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut attended the World Sindhi Congress organized event on April 15th, 2018 at Sunshine Restaurant.

This community reach out event was created to honor the men and women who work to empower of the people of Sindh. WSC has previously organized such events in various US City mainly, Los Angeles and San Diego.

On this eve, the the Annual G M Syed Memorial Award for 2017 was announced and awarded.

“The G. M. Syed Memorial Awards are conferred to those whose work with dedication to honor the memory of Mr. Syed, a visionary leader who pioneered the Sindhi freedom movement and was a beacon of the Sindhi people’s struggle for national self-determination,” said Zubair Bhambro, Vice Chairman of the World Sindhi Congress. This year’s honoree, Dr. Hyder Lashari, was given the award “in appreciation for his struggle and advocacy for democracy, civil rights and freedom for Sindhi peoples and to recognize his literary and grassroots work on Sindh and G.M. Syed.”

During the event, members of WSC delivered brief speeches and calls to action. Shahida Soomro highlighted the recent work of the organization and urged attendees to join WSC and assist with their advocacy work. Saghir Shaikh, US Chapter organizer, gave an impassioned presentation on the history of WSC, its work and initiatives. In particular, Mr. Shaikh highlighted the organization’s recent work on enforced disappearances, forced conversions of Sindhi Hindu girls, and the land rights struggles of Sindhi people amid development projects. Ali Khaskheli, an organizer for the Sindh United Party, commended the work of WSC, particularly in highlighting the prevalence of enforced disappearances of political activists in Sindh.

Many of the event’s attendees spoke on the importance of continuing to fight for the preservation of Sindhi rights and culture. Renowned poet Saaiin Abdul Ghaffar Tabassum delivered an eloquent speech encouraging Sindhis to fight for their rights while author Hassan Mujtaba and Atta Vistro of the JSQM political party Organizing Committee voiced their commitment to promoting the rights of Sindhis and the need to work with other groups and organizations in Pakistan to end abuses. SANA Information Secretary, Zakir Bullo, echoed the sentiments and condemned the recent incident in Sindh involving the removal of human rights activist Sasui Lohar from the Sufi conference.

UNPO US Program Organizer, Marvin Kumetat attended the awards ceremony, voicing appreciation for WSC’s work in highlighting the status of Sindhi nation and committing to continue working on raising awareness regarding the situation in Sindh. The event concluded with a screening of a new video by Sasui Lohar on missing persons in Sindh.