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Karachi : JSQM (A) Long March for freedom of missing persons and other issues of Sindh reaches at ‘Gora Qabrustan’ today ; Tomorrow to end @KPC

Karachi : Long March of JSQM (A) reaches at Gora Qabrustan of Shahrah e Faisal ; its to be end at the Press Club Karachi tommarrow .
This long march was led by JSQM Chairmain Dr. Meer Alam Marri , Ameer Azad Panhwar, Sarmad Meerani and Soarath Lohar from the Bhit Shah on the 14 th February .
its main demands are To release all missing persons of Sindh , to remove all out side setters from sindh , to restore 1945 th Sindh -Punjab water treaty , to eliminate the religious extremism from secular Sindh, to give the control of all natural resources of Sindh to the Sindhis and to Accept the Sindhi language as the national language of Sindh. Hundreds of Socio-political activists participated in the March.

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