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World Sindhi Congress sends delegation to 36th Session of the UN Human Rights Council


GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) sent a seven-person delegation to the 36th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council. The session, held from the 11th to the 29th of September, covered a broad range of human rights issues and allowed activists from nongovernmental organizations as well as member states to participate in meetings, panel discussions, and to draft resolutions.

The WSC delegation’s goal during the Session was to bring awareness to the current human rights abuses being perpetrated by Pakistani security forces in Sindh. The delegation particpated in meetings with the Committee on Enforced Disappearances as well as the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances. The enforced disappearances in Sindh have reached unprecidented levels in recent months as hundreds of political, human rights, and civil society activists have been abducted. C:\Users\saghir\AppData\Local\Temp\IMG_1164.JPG



Two members of the delegation delivered public statements during the Session. Dr. Lakhu Luhana spoke on the issue of enforced disappearances of political and human rights activists on September 18th and the following day Dr. Hidayat Bhutto spoke about the human rights violations in Sindh, including forced conversions and extrajudicial killings.

Additionally, World Sindhi Congress organized a protest against enforced disappearances in Sindh in front of the Place de Nations on September 20th. The delegates also participated in additional events during the session, discussing the alarming amount of human rights abuses being carried out against Sindhi people, their cultural genocide, and what that means for the province and the Sindhi community.



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About The World Sindhi Congress (WSC): WSC is based in the UK, USA, Canada, and Sindh and is one of the most prominent human rights advocacy organizations for Sindh and Sindhis. The main objective of WSC is to create a better understanding within the international community about the persecuted status of Sindhis in Pakistan and about the Sindhi people’s struggle for human rights, including the right to self-determination. WSC is a registered company in the UK and the USA, and is organized to carry out non-profit activities. For more information, visit www.worldsindhicong