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WSC condemns attack on Barcelona 

World Sindhi Congress (WSC) is deeply grieiving the barbaric and inhumane attack of people in Spain in Barcelona and Cambrils.  This attack on the 17th of August 2017 has sadly killed at least 13 people in Barcelona and one person in Cambrils. WSC strongly condemns this crime that betrays humanity. WSC on behalf of Sindhi people conveys our heartfelt sympathy and grief at this huge loss and pain.  We, the Sindhi people, are well aware of this feeling as we are suffering and struggling to survive as a nation against the onslaught of spreading extremism systematically supported by Pakistani state establishment against secular Sindhi people.
WSC has warned on numerous occasions from international platforms that the recent phenomenon of religious extremism and terrorism has an enormous potential to destabilise global security and peace. WSC believes that the attacks in Spain are a message for all the civilised people of the world to fight against all forces who have been systematically supporting such ideologies and forces.

Sindhi people stand in solidarity with Spanish people in their time of utmost pain, loss and grief with a commitment to continue their struggle together with the international community against these evil forces.