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World Sindhi Congress’s Statement on Killing of Sindhi Labourers in Balochistan

LONDON, U.K. World Sindhi Congress (WSC) strongly condemns the murderous attack in Gawader Balochistan resulting in the death of 10 Sindhi temporary laborers working on a non-CPEC related project in Balochistan. Nothing justifies this senseless and merciless killing of innocent workers. Apparently, the BLA has claimed responsibility for this attack. WSC believes that such a policy of killing Sindhis will have a devastating effect on Sindhi and Baloch struggles for sovereignty.

World Sindhi Congress is a staunch supporter of the freedom struggle of Baloch people. World Sindhi Congress along with several Sindhi parties have publicly condemned, opposed and campaigned against the Gwadar Port, CPEC and other anti-people Projects in Balochistan and Sindh. The CPEC, Zulfiqarabad and Gwadar Port projects are designed to reinforce the on-going colonization and to appropriate the lands and natural resources of Sindh and Balochistan. These projects are being built with complete disregard to the Environment, to the wellbeing of the local people and will further deepen the hegemony of Military and Punjab.

While Sindhi labors are denied the right to employment in their lands, a few dozens are recruited to work in Balochistan on unpopular projects. Such type of policies and practices are typically carried out by the colonizers. Both Nations have suffered a lot in their struggles. Thousands of Baloch youths are still missing, and thousands have been killed. Sindh is seeing its youth being kidnapped and murdered on a daily basis.

Attacking a few Sindhi labors in Balochistan is a short-sighted policy and in fact, only will end up strengthening the designs of Pakistani establishment to colonize Sindh and Balochistan further.

WSC have approached several Baloch leaders and indeed relieved to see a public opposition and condemnation of such attacks from Baloch leaders namely Mr. Mehran Baloch and Mr. Akhtar Mengal.

WSC appeals Sindhis to think clearly on this dark moment and remind themselves that this slaughter is a continuation of Pakistani establishment’s designs to destabilize and demoralize the Sindhi society and to shake the historical bond between Sindhi and Baloch Nations. Sindh is facing tremendous amounts of attacks from Pakistani establishment, such as the systematic spread of Islamic radicalisation, attacks on Sufi shrines, threats to divide Sindh, attacks on Sindhi Hindus and daily incidents of enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of Sindhi human rights campaigners.

WSC is trying its best to communicate and share the sentiments to the Baloch and Sindhi leaders asking them to play their roles in thwarting any such designs which create a rift among our Peoples.

WSC demands that work on Gwadar Port and other CPEC project shall immediately be stopped. It demands that the Government and the private contractors end the practice of uprooting people by employing them in far-fledged places while denying the opportunity in their local projects. It appeals Sindhis to fight for their fundamental right to work in Sindh and stay away from these colonizing projects. WSC also demands that the BLA ends their dishonorable practice of killing innocent Sindhi workers.

Long Live Sindh and Looonnng Live Balochistan.