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WSC Condemns Murder of Sindhi Labourers in Balochistan

08 April 2017WSC Condemns Murder of Sindhi Labourers in Balochistan
World Sindhi Congress (WSC) is deeply shocked and condemns the murders of five Sindhi labourers in Balochistan on April 6, 2017. WSC reitertaes that there is a history of Sindhi people supporting the rightful struggle of Baloch people for their emanicipation. At this critical time where there needs to be a stronger unity to face the increasing onslaught on the rights of Sindhi and Baloch people, WSC believes such actions will severly undermine the trust and unity between Sindhi and Baloch people. 
WSC sincerely believes such acts will serve no benefit to the struggle of Baloch people, on the contrary will not only be counterproductive but will also serve in the hands of enemies to further splits between Sindhi and Baloch people, isolate Baloch struggle and their moral support among Sindhi people. 
Therefore, WSC requests the Baloch leadership to come with the announcement of a clear policy on this issue if they realy want to mend the trust and potential of a stronger unity among Sindhi and Baloch people. WSC also requests Sindhi political fraternity to take a balanced approach to this tragedy as enemies will try their best to use this to increase rifts between Sindhi and Baloch people. 
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