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Message from Dr. Rubina Shaikh

Message from Dr. Rubina Shaikh (Chair World #Sindhi Congress and Founder of International Sindhi Women Organisation on March 8th, 2017)
#International #Women‘s day is being celebrated today around the world. I would like us to reflect on the progress being made as well as the need for further improvements, regarding the role of women in various aspects of #Sindhisociety. It has been demonstrated that women bring a more diverse way of thinking with the ability to change an institution or an organisation, and seek peaceful approaches to resolve conflicts. I remain mainly concern over the lack of representation of women at all levels in Sindh’s Movement for National Self-Determination. Women face several obstacles to participating in political life in general but more so in nationalist spheres of Sindh. A few individual women have overcome the barriers, but the playing field is not open for all the women to participate and to lead the Sindhi Organizations. It is imperative to have substantial presence and representation in leadership ranks for the parties and groups working in Sindhi Identity and Sindhi Rights. Women are mothers and sisters of our next generation. They have a historical role to play in continuing our struggle and promote and safeguard our rich culture and language. The level of women’s participation in the leading the Rights movement is a good indicator of the Nation’s ability to survive and progress. A dedicated effort is needed to encourage, provide proactive opportunities to bring women in leadership roles within Sindhi nationalist organizations. We need to make and create an environment within our organizations and within our movement where our daughters, sisters, mothers and wives are encouraged to continue our struggle for Sindh’s National Self- Determination.