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Proceedings and News Coverage of the 28th International Conference on Sindh 

On October 15-16, World Sindhi Congress held their 28th annual international conference on Sindh.

During the conference, World Sindhi Congress conducted the elections of its Executive Committee for 2016-18. Mr. Bharat Dadlani of UK was the Election Commissioner and coordinated the election activities. The new Executive Committee comprises of 10 members:Gul Sanai, Hidayat Bhutto, Farhan Kaghzi, Rubina Shaikh, Lakhu Luhano, Saghir Shaikh, Umed Laghari, Asif Panwhar, Sattar Zangejo, and Zubair Bhambhro.The New EC elected the office bearers as follows:

Chairwoman: Dr. Rubina Shaikh;

Secretary General, Dr Lakhu Luhano,

Senior Vice Chairperson: Umed Laghari,

Vice Chairman: Zubair Bhambhro,

Deputy Secretary General: Asif Panwhar,

Finance Secretary: Hidayat Bhutto,

Information Secretary: Farhan Kaghzi,

Cultural Secretary: Gul Sanai

The new EC also nominated the Organizers and the Organizing Committees for WSC Chapters:UK and Europe: Hidayat Bhutto (Organizer), Abdul Rauf Laghari, Rustam Mirjat, Moazam MughulJabir Shar, Ahmed Nawaz Ansari, Haresh Kumar, and Marvi BalochUSA: Saghir Shaikh (Organizer), Malik Dino Shaikh, Rehman Kakepoto, and Mansoor SamoCanada: Hajan Kalhoro (Organizer), Siraj Makhdoom.

The rest of the conference was comprised of several sessions addressing the advancement of the Sindhi nation.

The conference concluded with an activists workshop on advocating for Sindhi human rights.

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