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Sindhi Culture Day in London

Sindhi Sangat UK & World Sindhi Congress arranged a Sindhi Culture & Awareness day Saturday, 5th December, 2015 at Frizing hall, Midland Road, Bradford, BD9 4H. Hundreds of Sindhi families all over the UK attended the program all wearing Sindhi cultural dresses, topi, ajrak, susi, gaj, loee, loungee. Mrs Hafeezan Wadhio, Kashaf Gillal and Shafaq Sohu performed as stage secretary. Shahzado Wadhio, Secretary, General, SSUK, welcomed all guest and spoken on importance of the event, Sindhi culture, its uniqueness and cohesiveness.

Shafaq Sohu gave a wonderful speech and introduced audience that what is cultural day and why we celebrate it, Kashaf Gillal presented Demography and Culture of Sindh while Rabia Keerio delivered a wonderful and interactive presentation on Indus civilization. Aayda Gillal, Anabia Gillal, Areeba khushik, Erum khushik, Soha Mahar, Bakhtawar Wadhio performed Sindhi cultural dance on Quomi Geet ‘Chalro’ and ‘Mor Tho Tile’. Quite a good number of children participated in drawing competition and drawn the map of Sindh and were awarded the prizes and letters of appreciation.

Kashaf Gillal and Shafaq Sohu conducted a sindh related quiz competition in which children took active part and were awarded with prizes. Children also sung Sindhi poems and were well received by audiences and appreciated. Children also cut the birthday cake to celebrate the birthdays of Sanaullah Khaskheli, Shafique Leghari and Rafia Leghari.


SSUK conducted elections for its Executive Committee members for 2015-2017. Wahid Bux Kalhoro, election commissioner, conducted oath taking Ceremony and Mr. Abdul Haque Lohar, Abdul Rauf Leghari, Abdul Sattar Soomro, Mir Khan Khusik, Sardar Sohu and Gul Sanai were elected as executive committee and took oath. The previous Executive Committee, Mr Abdul Jabbar Qureshi, Shahzado Wadhio, Ali Memon, AD Keerio, Nisar Gillal and Gul Sanai shared their views on their experience, welcomed the new EC and extended their ful cooperation in future.

SSUK awarded certificate of appreciation to Dr Parveen Azam Memon for achieving PhD and her contribution in research issue related to Black and Ethnic Minorities. Certificate of appreciation was awarded to Wahid Bux Kalhoro for being Election Commissioner, Aijaz Keerio for his outstanding commitment and extraordinary input in developing website, creating flyers, recording and photography of events and Rabia Keerio for achieving highest grades in school and delivering extraordinary presentation on Indus civilization. Ali Memon represented WSC and talked on extensive history of collaboration of SSUK and WSC and assured cooperation in future events to be continued.