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WSC protests and participates at 30th UNHRC

On Thursdsay, September 24th, World Sindhi Congress representative gathered in Geneva, Switzerland, to participate in the 30th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


WSC gathered in the morning for a protest demonstration to raise awareness of human rights violations in Sindh, Pakistan.  Members stood in front of the Palace of Nations with posters and banners to tell the stories of countless Sindhi activists and politicians that have lost their lives fighting for the rights and representation of Sindh.

After the demonstration, members attended the 20th UNHRC.


Members listened to many presentations from around the globe on the United Nations floor.  12043063_835998496515727_7793852214985460435_nDr. Hidayat Bhutto of World Sindhi Congress also made a speech on the United Nations floor.

Many Sindhi newspapers covered the demonstration and participation of WSC at the UNHRC.  Read more.