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27th International Conference on Sindh 

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27th International Conference on Sindh in London to be held on October 31st , 2015

In last two decades, the world has witnessed the spread of terrorism and extremism in Pakistan. In this conference, we attempt to explore the roots of this spread of terrorism inside and outside Pakistan’s boundaries. We will look into how the state sponsors the extremist organizations by funding and giving them direct and indirect support and using them in its proxy wars across the border.
State elements use the Islamic extremists to diminish the influence of progressive and pro-democracy parties inside Pakistan as well. They use them to eliminate and wipe out all the groups that dissent against the Pakistan’s establishment and to safeguards the Pakistani military’s interests. We shall also discuss and explore how to rejuvenate Sufism, which is prevalent in Sindh as an alternate way to the growing militarism in Sindh.


The conference will also focus on how Pakistan’s narrow religious nationalism fixated policies are

creating security challenges inside and outside its borders. Inside the borders, the Sindhi Nation
the second largest of the four nations now part of Pakistan, is the biggest victim of Pakistani’s
fundamentalist policies. Outside its borders, Pakistan’s policies are confrontational to its
neighbours i.e. Afghanistan, India and Iran and are creating a permanent war like situation and
fostering the militarization of the region.
Conference’s another focus will be to understand the
actors and factors responsible for the recent extraordinary surge in religious extremism in
Pakistan and will explore its detrimental impact on regional peace and prosperity.

Sindhi Self-determination movement can play an important role in promoting regional peace,
security and prosperity by neutralizing the spread of religious fundamentalism and
antidemocratic political forces in the region. The role of the Sindhi people could be pivotal as
Sindh not only sits at one of the most important geo-political locations in the region, offering
strategic advantage in the Middle East and Central Asia, but is rich in natural resources.

Official Schedule of Events 

  • October 31, 10 AM: Introduction of Conference
  • October 31, 3:30 PM: Meet the Author of Politics of Change – Bitter Realities, Hard Choices, Abdul Kahliq Junjeo
  • October 31, 7 PM: Sindhi Soul Music Concert by Ustad Rajib Ali
  • November 1, 10AM- 1 PM: World Sindhi Congress General Meeting (for members only)
  • November 1, 1 PM: Activist Workshop with Dr. Hidayat Bhutto

World Sindhi Congress (WSC) in a press statement announced its 27th International Conference
on Sindh. The conference will be held in London on
October 31st , 2015. The title of the
conference is
Roots of Terrorism and Extremism in Pakistan: Human Rights Situation of
Oppressed Nations

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