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Calgary Sindhis Meet to Celebrate Sindhi Culture Day. Mourning Observed Over Extra-Judicial Killings of Sindhi Youths

Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) Southern Alberta Chapter, Indus Association of Canada (IAC) and World Sindhi Congress (WSC) held a get-together of Calgarian Sindhi’s to celebrate “Sindhi Cultural Day” in PCA Cultural Center on December 6, 2014. A great number of Sindhi families from all walks of life attended this get-together wearing traditional Sindhi dresses, ajrak and topi.


The MCs of program Max Memon and Asif Panhwar conducted the program very well. In the opening keynote speech, Mashhood Qazi thanked everyone for their participation in this national event.











Other Speaking at the occasion including, Max Memon, Siraj Makhdoom, Mahar Ali Halepoto, Zulfiqar Khawaja, Asif Panhwar, Siraiki organization representative Asjad Bukhari, and many others talked about importance of culture in our lives and that what is our duty to protect our culture, language and rich heritage. Speakers also condemned the recent killings of innocent Sindhi’s including martyrs Asif Panhwar, Waheed Lashari, Dr.  Khalid Mahmood Soomro, Wajid Langhah, Sarwech Peerzado, Allah Wadhayo Mahar, Faheem Bhutto and Kareem Memon. They also talked about the recent situation of Thar with special focus on outburst of deaths of children that has gone up to over 167 in past four weeks or so. Mashhood Qazi provided update on Indus Association’s activities where over 52 hand pumps in 50 different villages of Thar have been installed by the donations of local Sindhis.

The speakers talked about the current worsening educational situation in Sindh and emphasized on a greater need of unity within Sindhi community.




Adi Fareeda Nadeem Memon recited beautiful versus from Shah saeen’s poetry followed by Adi Khalida Habib Kazi who sang shah’s kalam ‘Muhinjo mulk maleer’, Adi Akhter Channa and Farkhunda Qazi sang ‘ratt aayee wayee’, and Adi Sajida Shahani sang ‘O amma o amma muhinje jeejal amma’. The audience got emotional hearing these beautiful melodies.

A quiz and poetry competition was held where questions were asked about Sindh and prizes were distributed to young talent.

Special prizes were given to best dressed man and kids. Saeen Mahar Ali Halepota, a senior community member, was the judge on this occasion.











Two special booths were setup in the event by Indus Association of Canada (IAC) and World Sindhi Congress (WSC) to sell Sindhi handicrafts and collected donations for the Thar drought.

The event was celebrated with no music or dance due to the recent brutal killings of nationalists in Sindh and Fateha was offered for the departed souls and Sindhis in general.