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“A Discussion Session in Lahore Resolution” in Calgary, Canada

Asif Panhwar from WSC welcomed the participants. He started his presentation with brief historical background of sub-continent in the context of Sindh. Asif went through all five paragraphs of the Lahore Resolution followed by a critical analysis and at the end concluded his discussion with recommendations.

Zulfiqar Ali Khowaja from WSI presented his talk briefly on historical context of 1940 resolution and federation of Pakistan. Zulfiqar highlighted Constitutions of Pakistan and presented facts of Sindh’s revenue contribution, natural resources vs. allocation of jobs and development funds. He recommended Constitutional reforms, Provincial autonomy and no role of military in politics.

In last, Mazhar Memon from SANA-Calgary expressed his views in detail about political and social background of Sindh. He highlighted the current and future challenges of Sindh especially in current political scenario. Mazhar concluded his talk with recommendations.

After comprehensive presentations by above speakers, a general discussion session was followed in which all participants took participation and enthusiastically expressed their views, comments, concerns and solutions.

Light refreshment was served during the session.