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Details and selected photos of the events in London, Sheffield, New York, West Hamsted, NY, Dallas, Houston, Stockholm, Toronto, and Calgary are presented below.

London, UK

In response to WSC call scores of Sindhi gathered in the Parliament Square London in traditional Sindhi dresses, Topis and Ajraks. The participants walked around the area with singing and dancing on “Ho Jamalo” and other Sindhi Songs.

Latter on the participants gathered at Romford Road, East London, where a Sindhi Kachehry was organised and Sindhi Biryani was served.

The gathering was conducted by Rizwan Bhatti, Cultural Secretary of WSC, and was addressed by Dr Haleem Bhatti, Sultan Mahar, Sadiq Bhunbro, Dr Sanjay Ahuja, Dr Mahboob Dahani, Dr Vishnu and Dr Lakhu Luhana. The speakers reiterated the importance of culture, language and unity of Sindhi people for their survival as a proud nation. It was reemphasised that during these celebrations we should not forget the difficult times from which Sindh is passing, the millions displaced from floods, displaced from power, displaced from their cities and jobs.

Sheffield, UK

Sindhi Sangat UK and WSC organised a rally and gathering in Sheffield, UK. Sindhis from Sheffield, Bradford, Grimsby and Leeds gathered in front of the Sheffield Town Hall in Sindhi dresses, Topis and Ajraks. Latter on a Sindhi Kachehry was organised at Nissar Gillal’s House who also served a sumptuous meal for guests. Among the participants were Dr Hidayat Bhutto Chairman of World Sindhi Congress, Shehzado Wadhayo Secretary General of Sindhi Sangat UK, Nisar Gilal, Abdul Haq Lohar, A D Kerio, Dr Azam, Meer Khan Khushik, Sikandar Khaskhali, Sattar Soomro, Rajab, Zahid, Khuda Bux, Dr Shoro and others. This was followed by lively discussions on Sindh, Sindhi culture, unity and the current situation of Sindhi society.

New York, USA

In response to call of WSC and great efforts Dr Sattar Memon, Dr Rakesh Ahuja, Dr Kelash Kumar, Dr Yassar Odhejo, Dr Vinesh Ketpal, a beautiful gathering of Sindhis was held in the Times Square New York. The rally was attended by scores of Sindhis wearing Sindhi Topis and Ajraks who were dancing in the busy square on ho jamalo and other Sindhi songs. The guests were then taken to restaurant for a sumptuous meal.

West Hampstead, NY

Sindhis of New York organized the Sindhi Cultural and Solidarity day on December 4th, 2010 in West Hamsted, New York. Several dozen Sindhi families from New York, PA, NJ, and Connecticut attended the event.

The event was addressed by Mr Khalid Channa, Regional Secretary of Sindhi Association of North America, Dr Saghir Shaikh and Frahan Kaghzi of World Sindhi Congress, and Ghulam Nabi Unar, the main organizer of the event. Others who addressed the gathering were Ms Ambreen Joyo, Shahida Soomro, Sarrang Ansari, Rakesh Ahuja, and Z Korejo. All thee speakers highlighted the Sindhi Sufi and universalism, and humanitarian values of Sindhi Culture and heritage.

Sindhi kids also participated by volunteering on the registration desk namely Hira Korejo, Samrin Korejo, and Manik Soomro. Renowned journalist and writer Hassan Mujtaba read his poetry and addressed the gathering too.

Other prominent community members who participated were, Malik Dino Shaikh and Mr Nemat Khoso of WSC , Mr Junejo of Los Angeles, Mr Sobdar Chandio, Dr Noor Rajpar, Irshad Bhungar, Mr Faiz Baloch, Dr Sattar Memon, Dr Panjwani, Yasir Odhejo, Shafqat Soomro, Athar Baloch, and Seema Qureshi.

Famous Sindhi artist Sunny Dewan performed Sindhi Sufi Music and participants danced and enjoyed this soul session for hours after the delicious dinner.

Houston, TX USA

International Sindhi Cultural and Solidarity Day was celebrated in Houston Texas by Sindhi Association of North America (SANA) and World Sindhi Congress (WSC).

Around one hundred Sindhi living in Houston gathered and enjoyed a colourful and cold evening. Majority was dressed in Sindhi cultural Ajrak and Topi and enjoyed Sindhi music.

Talking on the importance of international Sindhi cultural and solidarity day local Sindhi community members included Mr. Zafar Agha Chairman Fame Fund (SANA), Mr. Jamil Daudi prominent Sindhi community leader, Imdad Seehar a famous lawyer and active sindhi community member, Aijaz Almani of Radio Mehran Rang, Sikander Baloch broadcaster and journalist, Noorunisa Ghanghro a community activist, focus on importance of this day and the role of abroad living Sindhis in promoting Sindhi culture.

Discussing the need to gather community around cultural issues a senior community member, prominent educationist for over 40 years, Mr. Khuda Bux Seehar, an educationist from Sindh delivered very eloquent speech and recited a poem.

To continue a Sindhi culture of hosting people, dinner was sponsored by Mr. Imdad Sehar. This event left proud ness among everyone to be owner of ancient civilization of world the Moen Jo Daro. Event ended with traditional dance on “Ho Jamalo.”
Dallas, TX

Sindhi families from all over the Texas and other parts of USA gathered at the House of Mr Nisar Hafez to celebrate the Sindhi Cultural and Solidarity Day 2010 on Sunday December 5th, 2010. Amongst the prominent members of community are, Dr Aijaz Turk, Mr Sani Panwhar, Mr Sarfaraz Abassi, and Mr Shabir Shaikh of Sindhi Association of North America, Umed Laghari of the World Sindhi Congress, Mazhar Memon, Muneer Agha, Abdul Rahman Shaikh, Masroor Brohi, Muneer Umrani, Maqbool talpur, Shakil Shaikh, Haresh Rangwani, Aijaz Memon and Mr. Zafar Hafiz.

Atlanta, GA

Several dozen families from different parts of GA gathered in Atlanta downtown to celebrate the Sindhi Cultural and Solidarity day. Participants wore the traditional Sindhi dresses and sang Sindhi songs. The event was addressed by Dr Jarwar, Dr Adnan Abassi, and Mr. Farooq Soomro of Sindhi Association of North America. Two American who spent their majority of their lives in Sindh Mr and Mrs Hubert F Addleton were the chief guests of the event.  Among others who attended the events were Samina Panwhar, Fayaz Shaikh and Benazir Shaikh of World Sindhi Congress. A documentary about the “The Sixty Years of Sindhi Music Journey” was also shown to audience. Mayor of Atlanta sent an official message of support to this event. Local artists performed Sindhi Kalams. Participants performed Sindhi dance for several hours and it was indeed a first of its kind event in Atlanta.

Toronto, Canada

WSC organised an event in Toronto, Canada to celebrate Sindhi Culture and Solidarity day. Canadian-Sindhis and their friends from all over Canada came to participate in this celebratory event. The participants were wearing colourful Sindhi dresses, Topis and Ajraks. The event was addressed by several prominent leaders of Canada.

Mr. John Carmichael, a Conservative party leader, expressed his delight and joy to meet people from Sindh.  Mr Carmicheal said “I welcome the peace loving Sindhis to new land of Canada and advise them to retain their rich mystical and liberal values and integrate in the development for the country.”

Ms. Satinder Sahota, who is the publisher of local E-news publication and a great political campaigner for many legislators and has also served in the legislative assembly of Canada addressed the event and performed as moderator of the event. Mr. Syed Abbas, a patron of the Committee of Progressive Pakistanis, who came wearing Ajrak and Topi proposed an idea of organizing an Annual Festival dedicated to Sindhi Culture in Toronto.

Mr. Umer Latif, a leader of Communist party of Canada expressed his deep concern over the patronizing of religion by state in Pakistan. He pledged to promote rich Indus valley culture to bring peace and harmony and tolerance in the Pakistani society and among Pakistani Diaspora. He was critical of the widening gap between poor and rich.

Ms Humaira Rehman of World Sindhi Institute vouched for the unity amongst the Sindhi Diaspora organizations in North America.

Mr Aijaz Shaikh, the member Organizing Committee of WSC Canada, presented the brief introduction of the Sindh history and its ability to absorb other cultures and religions in its civilization.

Mr Siraj Makhdoom the organizer of WSC Canada Chapter and the Member of Executive Committee, who traveled from Winnipeg to attend this event presented the working and activities of the World Sindhi Congress and spoke about the importance of Sindhi Cultural and Solidarity Day. He also presented the Sindh history with impressive multimedia presentation authored by Professor Gul Agha of the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA. Mr Rashid Jatoi presented the vote of thanks to the audience. Canadian Baloch leader Mr. Zafar Baloch Baloch Human Rights Council and Mumtaz of Kashimr Human Rights also participated in the event to show their solidarity.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary Sindhis organized the Sindhi Cultural and Solidarity Day on the December 5th 2010. The event was addressed by Mazhar Memon, Sindhi Association of North America and Asif Panwhar of World Sindhi Congress, Other prominent Sindhis who attended the event are Asim Kaghzi, Akhtar Hashmani, Zulfiqar Khawaja, Ms. Rashida Talpur. Fayaz Gajjani, and Sanjay Panjwani. Sindhi families from various parts of Calgary attended wearing Sindhi Topis and Ajraks. An exhibition of Sindhi cultural products was also organized during the event.

Stockholm, Sweden

Dr Javed Memon and Kadir Jatoi, member executive Committee WSC, organised a gathering of Sindhis in Stockholm, Sweden to celebrate Sindhi cultural and solidarity day. The participants were wearing Sindhi dresses, Topis and Ajraks. The participants had a lively Kachehry on issues of Sindhi culture and unity then a sumptuous meal was served for the gussets.