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Resolutions Adopted at the 21st International Conference on Sindh, London, 3rd October, 2009.

WHEREAS the Pakistan Resolution of 1940 furthered the principles of sovereign, autonomous, secular and democratic federating units;

AND WHEREAS during successive regimes, the democratic and civil rights of Pakistani peoples and nations in general, and those of the Sindhi, Balouch, Seraiki, and Pakhtoon peoples in particular, have remained subjugated;

AND WHEREAS Pakistan has suffered under the domination of military and civil bureaucracy, since its inception and to date;

AND WHEREAS Pakistan has been ruled directly or indirectly by dictatorial regimes since the partition and for the majority of its existence;

AND WHEREAS the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights ensures the civil and human rights of the people, while the present government fails to respect the provincial autonomy as enshrined in the constitution;

AND WHEREAS all oppressed nations of the world have an inalienable right to self-determination;

AND WHEREAS the people of the federating Units of Pakistan still fear the unjust distribution of Indus water in direct violation of different treaties;

AND WHEREAS women, Sindhi Hindus and other religious minorities are subjected to social and political discrimination;

AND WHEREAS hundreds of Sindhi, Balouch and other democracy, human rights workers and journalists have been killed or forcibly kidnapped by Pakistan army agencies,

AND WHEREAS proponents of democracy, journalists and activists are not free to express their beliefs about the government and live in fear of prosecution;

AND WHEREAS Talibanization increases in Pakistan;

AND WHEREAS Pakistan receives billions of dollars as aid money from the United States;

THEREFORE the conference resolves that the International community:


1. Arrange a fact-finding mission to Sindh and Balouchistan to investigate the ongoing human rights violations.

   2. Convene an international conference under the auspice of United Nations to discuss the right of self-determination of the Sindhi and Balouch people.

   3. Halt any future financial and military aid until the Pakistani government grant the freedoms delineated in 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights to those currently socially and economically marginalized, oppressed and discriminated upon,

   4. Influence Pakistan to sign the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance

THEREFORE the conference summons the International community to impress upon the Government of Pakistan to:

   5. Stop Immediately the ongoing military operation in Balouchistan

   6. Establish  inquiry over the continuous genocide of Balouch People

   7. Pay compensation to the victims of the genocide of the Balouch People

   8. Respect and implement the guarantees enshrined in the Constitution with regards to the natural and other resources of the federating units

   9. Ratify the International Covenant on Civil and political rights (ICCPR), the International Covenant on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) and the International Covenant on the Elimination of Torture.

  10. Halt the establishment of cantonments in different parts of Sindh and Balouchistan.

  11. Release all political prisoners in the whole of the country.

      Declare the whereabouts of the missing political leaders and workers.

  12. Stop the settlement of people from various parts of Pakistan in the indigenous lands of Sindh and Balouchistan in the name of so called ‘development’,

  13. Investigate the extra-judicial killing of Late Sameeullah Kalhoro, a Sindhi national leader killed under police custody in 2005.

  14. Guarantee that no further dams will be built on the Indus River without the consent of the people and governments of all the federating units.

  15. Abolish current discriminatory legislation, such as, the Hudood Ordinance and Blasphemy laws.

  16. Allocate equal and fair distribution of NFC awards to federating units according to their contributions to the overall economy of Pakistan.

  17. Investigate the May 12th 2007 massacre of democracy workers in Karachi and bring the culprits to justice.

  18. Investigate the 18 October 2007 incident in Karachi in which more than 140 people lost their lives and many others got injured.

  19. Investigate the killings of Sindhi Activists belonging to Sindhi United Party and STPP.

  20. Investigates the attack on Mr. Bashir Qureshi, Chairman Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz and killings of Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz Worker Mr. Mustaque Khaskhelli by ISI agents.

  21. To investigates the torture and extra-judicial killing of Shaheed Nazeer Abbasi under custody of army by Brigadier Imtiaz in 1980.

   22. To investigate the extra-judicial killing of Shaheed Sameeullah Kalhoro, a Sindhi national leader killed under police custody in 2005.

This Conference calls upon the Sindh Government to:

  23. Give indigenous peoples of Sindh a fair share in jobs, educational institutions and developmental funds.

  24. Restore the reserved rural seats in higher educational institutions in Karachi.

  25. Restore the villages demolished by the previous regime and compensate those affected.

  26. Implement the Sindhi Language Bill passed by the Sindh Assembly in 1970s

  27. Restore Sindhi Medium in all schools in Sindh, including Karachi.

  28. Provide the website of Sindh Assembly in Sindhi as well.