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Release of Safdar Sarki’s Campaign

Dear Friends

After talking to many HR people we friends of Safdar have come to believe that the only way for us to help Safdar is to MEET IN PERSON with our congress rep.

Some have done that in past and have also written to them. But meeting in person is very crucial.

Here is how you can help! Please do not ignore this message. This is a real way we can help!

I am enclosing the draft of a letter. You can find address and mail it to your congress person or even senator. Find out the name and address of your congress person You can write to the local office since it may be easy for you to meet i person when they are in your area. You can also send other copy to the Washington DC office.

Also include the two attached flyers with it.

After sending this letter try calling in a week time to the local office and ask if letter was received and when can you meet the congress person.
Once you get the appointment, please feel free to call us (818-917-6910) and we will help you in providing some feedback about what to say in meeting. If congress person do not meet you, please ask for its secretary or some other officer handling such meetings.


June 27, 2007

The Honorable <Name>




Re: Request for meeting regarding Dr. Safdar Sarki–a US National–under
the custody of Pakistani Military Agencies.

Dear Representative <Last Name>:

As a constituent, I would like to formally request a 15-minute
appointment at your earliest convenience in San Diego to present my
concern over Dr. Safdar Sarki, a US national, who is in the custody a
Pakistani military agency and possibly being tortured. At the meeting, I
will be joined by a few other concerned friends of Dr. Sarki who also
live in your district.

On Friday, February 24, 2006, Dr. Safdar Sarki, was unwillingly taken
away from his temporary Karachi residence by personnel linked to
Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Dr. Sarki, a U.S. citizen and a Texas
resident had been campaigning for secularism and democracy, and
specifically for the protection of the rights of ethnic and religious
minorities in Pakistan. Witnesses report that Dr. Sarki was severely
beaten for about an hour at his apartment by Pakistani security
personnel before being blindfolded and moved to an unknown location.

We have been trying in vain to determine his whereabouts. Pakistani
press and other anonymous sources have reported that Dr Sarki is in the
custody of Pakistani military and being tortured. However, the Pakistani
authorities deny his arrest. Pakistani authorities have a history of
torturing dissidents to death. Obviously, we are very concerned for Dr.
Sarki’s life.

I appreciate your consideration of this request. As my congressional
representative in Washington, I urge you to use your influence to reveal
the whereabouts of Dr. Sarki and ensure Dr Sarki is not subjected to
torture and inhumane treatment.


<Your Name>




Enclosed: Wife’s Appeal & Press Coverage Summary Information

Saghir Shaikh
San Diego, CA 92107
Tel: 619-221-1919 ~ Cell: 818-917-6910