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British Sindhis condemn terrorist bombings in London

“British-Sindhis are in solidarity with their fellow citizens in condemning these acts of terrorism,” said Suraiya
Makhdoom, Organizer for World Sindhi Congress, EU/UK chapter. Ms Makhdoom lives in Birmingham and is
an active member of British Labour Party.

Dr Saghir Shaikh, chairman of the WSC, urged the Sindhi community to join Londoners in two-minute silence at
1200 BST and the vigil held at 1800 BST in Trafalgar Square on Thursday, July 14. “EU and UK Sindhis must
support the democratic and progressive movements in that region,” said Dr Shaikh.
Our Congress is a prominent human rights advocacy group for the Pakistan province of Sindh and the Sindhi

According to some sources, there are more than 10,000 Sindhis living in different parts of United Kingdom.
Sindhis, whose majority lives in Sindh (now a part of Pakistan), are dispersed in many parts of the world mainly
India, East Asia, Europe and North America. Sindhis are generally secular and Muslim Sindhis practice a Sufi
version of Islam. In the past five decades they have been at forefront in opposing the pan-Islamic policies of
Pakistan and its support for terrorism. The Sindhi nationalist leadership in Sindh condemned Pakistan’s nuclear
venture and to this day Sindhi people oppose the military might of Pakistan. Due to their secular and peaceful
stance, Sindhis have often been victims of state persecution for their struggle for democracy and human rights.