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WSC terms water shortage ‘a big injustice’ to Sindh

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KARACHI: Dr Saghir A Shaikh, Chairman of World Sindhi Congress (WSC), USA-based advocacy organisation on “Rights of Sindh”, said on Wednesday that water shortage was a big injustice being done with the people of Sindh.

“We have taken this issue at international forums and have appealed World Bank and other financial institutions not to fund projects like Kalabagh Dam and Thal Canal, which will further deprive Sindh of its due share of water from the Indus River,” he added.

Dr Shaikh made such remarks while talking to a group of journalists at Karachi Press Club. The WSC Sindh Organiser, Rafique Tunio also accompanied him. He said marginalised sections of society particularly in the smaller provinces had been deprived of their social, political, cultural and economic rights for many years. “Now people must come forward and protest against such injustices and oppression,” he argued.

He was of the view that different organisations and groups working abroad could not be as effective as the local groups and the masses to achieve as for as their rights are concerned. “We are raising voice at all levels but liberal and enlightened people in Pakistan must organise themselves within the country to achieve their human and other rights,” he added.

He said disparity among the provinces has put the very foundation of country at risk and there was an urgent need to treat all the provinces equally. Referring to some studies, he said that poverty was much more in Sindh and particularly in rural areas comparing to other provinces.

About the attacks on Iraq, Dr Shaikh said that war and violence in any shape was not a good sign for any civilised nation. He was of the view that the war had certain objectives dominated by oil interests. “Though war may bring some geopolitical changes also,” he commented.


New published via Daily News Of Jang Group