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WSC–Executive Council Decided to Impeach Dr. M. A. Halepota.

An emergency meeting of World Sindhi Congress (WSC) Executive Committee (EC) was held in Woking, Surrey, UK on May 25th, and May 26th. The meeting discussed the current stagnation of WSC activities and dissatisfaction with the current leadership. All executive committee members, Dr. M. Halepota, Chairman, Dr Safdar Sarki, Vice Chairman, Umed Ali Laghari, Vice Chairman, Dr. Haleem Bhatti, Secretary General, Dr. Saghir A. Shaikh, Deputy Secretary General, Rubina N. Shaikh, Information Secretary, Omar Memon, Finance Secretary, and Dr. Hidayat Bhutto, Cultural Secretary were present in the meeting. The meeting discussed in greater detail for two days about the Executive Council members’ and other WSC members’ disappointment with the Dr. Halepota’s various policies and undemocratic trends in conducting the organisational affairs. Executive committees (EC) was of the opinion that on numerous occasions Dr. Halepota has exploited the organisation to project his own self. World Sindhi Congress is a vital body of Sindhis advocating the human rights and right of Self-determination for Sindhis. WSC participates in various international forums and has been successful in creating awareness about Sindhi Rights movement among the World community. However, EC believes that WSC could have achieved more, especially in establishing a friendly working relationship with other parties in Sindh, UK, and USA. Several members feel that due to the undemocratic trends of WSC Chairman, they were not able to carry out their duties effectively.

In the meeting, EC members presented the list of concerns to chairman and sought after the clarifications. However, Dr. Halepota was failed to satisfy these issues. In response, the EC members proposed the resignation of Dr. Halepota from the chairman office, and the re-election of a new chair, so that EC can carry out the WSC mandate with greater motivation. Unfortunately, Dr. Halepota could not satisfy the EC members as well as refused to accept any leadership changes. EC members sincerely believe that the status quo will not work and WSC needs the leadership change. All the EC members regretfully presented their ‘no-confidence’ vote to current chair and elected Mr. Umed Ali Laghari, as acting Chairman till new elections in 1999 according to the WSC constitution. Mr. Umed Ali Laghari is a senior WSC member and EC member since last nine years.

All the executive committee members have decided to work hard to achieve the WSC aims and objectives. They will continue advocating for the equal social, economical, and political rights for Sindhis. WSC will keep raising voice against the Human Rights violations in Sindh and advocating the Right of Self-determination for people of Sindh.

World Sindhi Congress reassured Sindhi people and other Sindhi nationalist and progressive organisations that the new democratic structure of WSC will be more effective and will bring more unity among Sindhis. WSC seeks the co-operation and support of all the Sindhi nationalist and progressive organisations, journalists, and human rights activists in carrying out our mission. WSC will increase its efforts to seek the support of all the Sindhis in UK, USA and Sindhis and invites them to join the organisation.


Umed Ali Laghari, Acting Chairman,
Dr. Safdar Sarki, Vice Chairman,
Dr. Haleem Bhatti, Secretary General,
Dr. Saghir A. Shaikh, Deputy Secretary General,
Rubina N. Shaikh, Information Secretary,
Omar Memon, Finance Secretary,
Dr. Hidayat Bhutto, Cultural Secretary